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For more than six years, the Legacy Arts Project has held weekly classes open to the community. For a small cost, anyone between the ages of youth to adult are welcome to experience dance from throughout the African diaspora. The classes have been successful due to the inclusion of all members of the community. Participants are led through a warm-up and dance class to the rhythm of live djembe drumming. As with dancers, drummers are also welcome to attend drum classes. These are led by veteran drummers who have been practicing their crafts for 20+ years.

Come join us as we work towards increasing our health, mind, body and soul.

Class Schedule

Classes taught by: LEGACY ARTISTS or COMMUNITY GUESTS (as noted)

*Class space is limited. Please check calendar and individual dates for tickets and availability.*

Weekly classes for 2019 are as follows:


Hot Wednesday • Dance, Fitness & Yoga Workout


Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cost: $8 Adults • $32 for 4 Classes • $50 for 8 Classes

Instructor: Various

In this class you will be introduced to various instructors who will get your heart pumping with hot, on-fire dance and fitness moves or give you an exhilarating feeling with some intense yoga. Meet you on the dance floor!

Specialty classes are as follows:

Mamas with grace (AFRICAN MOVEMENTS) Dance Class

SATURDAYS, May 4th - June 1st, 2019

Time: 12:30pm-2:00pm

Cost: $10 Adults • All Levels Welcome

Instructor: Chrisala Brown

Chrisala is a Dancer, Teacher. Choreographer and lover African Diasporic culture. She has studied both Traditional and Contemporary forms of dance from around the world. From Modern to Ballet, West African to Carribean, dance has become the universal language which she uses to bring people together regardless of their age or background.

Other benefits include:

  • Balance and coordination

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Raised vibration & increased endorphins

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Dates: MONDAYS, JUNE 10th - JULY 1st, 2019

Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Cost: $10 All Ages • $32 for 4 Classes

Instructor: Cynthia Jackson

Cindy started formal dance training with her mother, Betty Love Gibbs, in 1971 and is trained in many genres of dance which include Ballet, Jazz and Brazilian Samba, just to name a few, but she is especially fond of TAP! In this class you will not only have fun learning to tap but you will burn calories, strengthen your body and build endurance!

Pioneers of Black Dance Pittsburgh Series

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No Boundaries!!!! No Limitations!!!!

Dates: SATURDAYS, MAY 11th - JUNE 1st, 2019

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

Cost: $10 All Ages • $32 for 4 Classes

Instructor: Toni Nadiyah Stowers

A comprehensive DANCE Journey taught by choreographer and dancer Sister Toni Nadiyah Stowers, that encourages participants to move within the freedom and love of dance regardless of size, age or gender! Different genres of music and dance guarantees a great workout!!

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Senegalese Dance

Dates: THURSDAYS, MAY 9th - 30th, 2019

Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Cost: $10 All Ages • $32 for 4 Classes • $50 for 8 Classes

Instructor: Oronde Sharif

Oronde Sharif is the Artistic Director of the Shona Sharif African Dance and Drum Ensemble and currently serves as Curriculum Coordinator, Lecturer, and Major advisor in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Pitt. Oronde will be teaching dances of the Jola and Mandinka people.

Yogi of BS (Breathing and Smiling)

Dates: SATURDAYS, MAY 11th - JUNE 1st, 2019

Time: 10:30am-11:30am

Cost: $10 All Ages • $32 for 4 Classes • $50 for 8 Classes

Instructor: Eric Dykes

Eric Dykes is a long-time yoga practitioner and has continually studied and honed his abilities since his introduction four decades ago. He brings his passion for health and well-being to the mat, encouraging others to tap into their innate physical, mental, and spiritual abilities. His classes are geared towards all levels, abilities, and bodies. See you on the mat!