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For more than six years, the Legacy Arts Project has held weekly classes open to the community. For a small cost, anyone between the ages of youth to adult are welcome to experience dance from throughout the African diaspora. The classes have been successful due to the inclusion of all members of the community. Participants are led through a warm-up and dance class to the rhythm of live djembe drumming. As with dancers, drummers are also welcome to attend drum classes. These are led by veteran drummers who have been practicing their crafts for 20+ years.

Come join us as we work towards increasing our health, mind, body and soul.

Class Schedule

Classes taught by: LEGACY ARTISTS or COMMUNITY GUESTS (as noted)

*Class space is limited. Please check calendar and individual dates for tickets and availability.*

**Hot Wednesday class for January 23, 2019 is cancelled. Class will resume next week on the 30th.

Weekly classes for 2019 are as follows:


Hot Wednesday • Dance, Fitness & Yoga Workout


Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cost: $8 Adults • $5 Youth under 12

This class will use music and movement to connect with our bodies. You will also enjoy the social exchange as well as holistic well being for mind, body and soul!

Mamas with grace • Dance Class

Ebony Naimah Zanuwa

Ebony Naimah Zanuwa


Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm

Cost: $5 Adults

*This class is for women who love to dance to African Drums and who need to ease into movement.

  • Are you looking for increased mobility?

  • Are you looking a mental escape that will relieve stress and tension?

  • Are you looking to smile and have a good time?

  • Are you looking for healthy eating tips?

If so this class is for you!

Other benefits include:

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Improved cognitive functioning

  • Increase of endorphins

For: Mature and Beginners

A little more about instructor Ebony Naimah Zanuwa:

Ebony is a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Born with a song in her heart and a creative mind and  was destined to be an artist. At the age of five years old Ebony was very engaged in the creative arts. Beginning with broad way musicals and ballet. She  has explored Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Step, Dance Hall, Afro Cuban, Traditional Jamaican, and west African dance from the regions of Mali, Guinea and the Congo. Ebony’s love for children drove her to her Early education and childhood development field and she is currently the Artistic director of Sankofa Village for the Arts, where she teaches West African history, song, and choreographs dance pieces to youth five to eighteen. Ebony is involved with The Legacy Arts Project where she is studying a variety of diaspora dances taught by many knowledgeable and skilled guest artists. Ebony is also a part of the Balafon West African dance ensemble instructed by Kadioutou Conte Forte in Guinea dances.

Specialty classes are as follows:


The Get Down Gang

The Get Down Gang

Dates: FRIDAY, November 30th 2018 • SATURDAY, February 9th 2019

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cost: $10 All Ages

Instructor: Stealth (11/30/2018 ) • Cuba (02/09/2019)

A little more about instructors The Get Down Gang:

Known throughout the region as the hottest Hip Hop Group in Pittsburgh, each member brings their skill, passion, and knowledge to any dance class, studio or stage. We are honored to host them for classes open to all ages.







Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia Jackson

Dates: MONDAYS, December 10th 2018 • January 14th 2019 • February 11th 2019

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cost: $10 All Ages

Instructor: Stealth

Whether you have experience with Tap or not, but you have an interest to try, this is the workshop for you! Learn from Cindy Jackson as she shares her footwork with friends and family of the Legacy Arts Project.

A little more about Instructor Cynthia Jackson:

Cynthia Jackson is a second generation dancer and performer, growing up the daughter of Betty Love Gibbs. Dance was a natural part of life as her mother was a professional dancer. Cynthia started formal training with her mother at the YWCA Downtown when she created the dance department in 1971. Cynthia is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Baton, International Latin Ballroom Dance and Brazilian Samba, but has a particular passion for Tap dance. Cynthia twirled baton for the Blue Flames Baton & Drum Corps of Monroeville and the Golden Triangle Baton & Drum Corps of Swissvale in the summers through high school. She also twirled baton for Gateway High School Marching Band and was a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Golden Girls in the Varsity Marching Band.

Cynthia remained a student and teacher at the YWCA until 1985 when the family owned Love’s Academy of Dance opened. Love’s Academy of Dance trained dancers from the age of four and up in ballet, tap, jazz and pointe. Cynthia was the competition team director, winning many awards for dance and choreography.

Cynthia is one of the original members of WAMO’s Hot Tracks Dance Team and was a featured “jitterbugger” in the movie An American Dream: The Making of the Jackson 5. Performing credits also include Xpressions Dance Company, Art & Style Dance Studio, Kuntu Repertory Theater (Sophisticated Ladies, Bubblin’ Brown Sugar and Jelly’s Last Jam), Greer Reed (Cotton Club), Joy School of Dance, and the Father Ryan Arts Center. Cynthia is currently a performing member of the Pittsburgh Samba Group under the direction of Luciana Brussi Constantino.