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Dear Cultural Arts Supporter,

It is with honor and excitement that I share the news of an upcoming arrival to Pittsburgh. Members of the HaitiDansCo from Port au Prince, Haiti will be traveling to Pittsburgh as the final stop of a four-city tour. On September 30, 2019, eight members of the company will spend five days in Pittsburgh with the Legacy Arts Project (LAP), sharing the culture of Haiti by way of dance and music.

In 2015, the LAP met the HaitiDansCo. Under the direction of founder and artistic director, Dieufel Lamisere, the company welcomed members of Legacy Arts to Haiti to experience the invaluable work taking place with youth of the country. The director, charged with the mission to provide opportunities for creative and educational experiences, began the company and worked with youth of nearby neighborhoods, many of whom facing the plight of being from the ‘poorest country in the Wester hemisphere’. Since that time, the company has continued to grow, and so have the artists. In March 2019, the BBC* got wind of the phenomenal work being done and traveled to Port au Prince to interview Mr. Lamisere. Their feature story shared with the world the inspiring work taking place to provide hope and artistic development to many of youth of the city.

Before arriving in Pittsburgh, the HaitiDansCo will travel to New Orleans, New Jersey, and Chicago to participate in festivals and community events. During their time with us in Pittsburgh, we have planned a meet-and-greet, community workshops, and a FABA (For Artists By Artists) Party where the HaitiDansCo will be the feature performers. As their hosts, we will provide air and ground transportation, room and board, and artists fees. Due to the uncertainty of the Visa process, their Visas are just being approved and our fundraising timeframe is short. From this experience, we have the ability to facilitate a cross-cultural exchange, building connections between cities, and creating impactful experiences. We are seeking support from the Pittsburgh cultural arts community to offset some of the expenses of hosting this awesome opportunity for not only the HaitiDansCo but also the city of Pittsburgh. We have included donation levels that will greatly aid in hosting this monumental experience with the HaitiDansCo.

Erin Perry
Executive Director

Donation Levels:

  • $50 - Covers the cost of designing a flyer

  • $75 - Covers the cost of printing copies of marketing materials

  • $150 - Covers the cost of an email blast

  • $250 - Covers the cost of a flight for one artist

  • $500 - Covers the cost of the artist fees for one day

  • $1000 - Covers the cost of lodging during the residency

  • $1500 - Covers the cost of ground transportation*

  • $2000 - Covers the cost of food for the residency

  • $2500 - Covers the entire cost of artist fees for the residency

Donations can be made using the button below:

Or mailed to the office at:

The Legacy Arts Project

7227 Tioga Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

We thank you for your contribution towards this incredible experience for the Legacy

Arts Project and the artists of the HaitiDansCo.

For more information, contact Erin at 412-452-3847 or